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Only $17.95
Publisher: Skunk Studios, LLC
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Platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
Price: $19.95 $17.95 (save $2.00) Buy Now
File Size: 7 MB Download
Download time: 56K: 17m 4s 64K: 14m 56s 128K: 7m 28s 768K: 1m 14s
Sveerz Deluxe is an action puzzle game that bounces to a musical beat. The Sveerz cruise the galaxy, singing songs that you repeat by clicking the little Sveerz on the playing board! Enjoy 4 unique modes, 2 player games, worldwide high scores, rhythm based gameplay, and synthetic voices that say your name.

This musical game gives you several ways to test your memory and attention skills.

There are four modes - Arcade, Memory, Puzzle, and Rhythm. The first two will remind you of the classic Simon Says, where you have to click certain colored balls in the correct order after listening to the game. Puzzle mode is a lot like Tetris, and the final game hones your rhythm talents. The cartoonish graphics reflect the game's whimsical atmosphere, as does the upbeat music.

  • 4 Game Modes
  • 2-player Games
  • Worldwide and local high scores
  • Synthetic voices that say your name - or anything else you want
  • Unlimited play - many more levels
  • More music, art and sound effects
"Sveerz Deluxe will appeal to a wider range of users than it would were it just a simple variation on Simon Says."
Download.Com Review
"Green, blue, blue, yellow, red! These Sveerz do what they love and love what they do-sing! This game comes with 4 modes of play. Skunk Studios have really outdone themselves now!"
"I enjoyed the two-player mode. It is more of a challenge. I had my 19 year old grandson here who thoroughly enjoyed the Rhythm one. He is a musician and that was right up his alley. I think that would be one of the ways you could advertise. He probably enjoyed the game even more than I did. I also loved the way the "announcer" says your name. That's cool."
Grandma Anne Lou
"How colorful and modern it was. This is not the normal type of game I would play but I can tell you I got hooked on the puzzle mode. I did like the fact that it is challenging in that the 3 in a row gets more points and the response when you have a perfect game."
Olga Bernot
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