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Publisher: XBlock
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Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
Price: $19.95 $17.95 (save $2.00) Buy Now
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Finally an anti-spyware program designed for beginning and advanced users. Regblock is a leading anti-spy technology that sports four primary areas of anti-spyware defense to make your computing safer!

Scanning and Removal: The powerful scanning engine goes to work for you targeting a wide base of adware and spyware. You choose want you want to remove or want to keep. Regblock can even root out stealthy keyloggers that try to evade detection using advanced stealth tactics.

System Inoculation: Just as physician's prescribe antibiotics to treat infections, Regblock acts as a computer antibiotic for your system's registry so that spyware and adware cannot get a hold in the vulnerable part of your system. RegBlock helps protects your computer against the installation of spy software BEFORE they can do their dirty work. With the single click of a button RegBlock users can select from a wide variety of software to block from every being installed. No longer will you have to worry that your child has accidentally installed a pornographic dialer and left you with hundreds of dollars of phone charges, or installed another adware from a music file sharing service.

LSP Safety Check: Regblock also has built-in LSP checking abilities to ensure that the removal of a spyware doesn't cripple your system. It isn't surprising that some programs don't want to be extracted from your system and some will try to sabotage your connection. Regblock LSP fix ensures your connections are working properly.

Halts Messenger Spam: Regblock can quickly and easily turn off Messenger Service that is often used by spammers to subject users to dozens of annoying pop-ups. No complex commands, obtuse technical instructions, simply click and fix.
- Are you tired of having your home pages changed?
- Are you tired of worrying about spyware or adware on your machine?
- Are you concerned about what your kids might accidentally download?
- Have you had pornographers try to sneak porn dialers on your computer?
- Do you get unwanted pop-up ads even with pop-up blockers installed?
- Has your system started slowing down for no apparent reason?

"This is not a regular anti-spyware application. In fact, it's like a vaccine. It really does inoculate your PC, shutting down vulnerabilities that could be used by malicious programs."
Corporate IT Defense League
"RegBlock really does not get attention and media coverage it deserves. It's just too darn revolutionary now."
"After inoculation with RegBlock, there was not a single instance of adware or spyware installed."
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