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Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
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Platform: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
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File Size: 4.85 MB Download
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You have stumbled upon the most user-friendly Arkanoid clone.

The main objective of Magic Ball is to destroy all the bricks in the level with everything from your ricocheting ball to fire belching rockets. Get bonuses for destroying special bricks. These bonuses can be good ones - bullets, magnets or rockets, for example, - and getting them will help you to pass the level, or bad ones, such as "Jack - the Bat Killer" or ball Speed-Up, that will negatively affect your performance. A truly remarkable game and the finest Arkanoid remake. Remember back a few years ago when Arkanoid was the rage of the computer gamers?

Remember how everyone was playing? Alawar has taken the Arkanoid game to a whole new level with Magic Ball. Using fantastic 3D graphics you have to remove bricks on each level. The game is fast paced and you have to clear the level by using a rocket launcher. Along the way you have the ability to pickup several other objects that enhance the play, such as magnets and springboards. Each level has its own challenges and your choices made work for you or against you, which it what makes this game extremely fun to play.

The game is non-violent, which is certainly a huge plus in this age of ultra-violent, kill everything in sight games. The game is not just for adults. If you were looking for a game to take a break with or a game for just about any occasion, than Magic Ball is well worth the price.
"...Magic Ball is the first game to convince me that 3D for Breakout/Arkanoid might be a good thing. A little more dynamic lighting and special effects and this game would go from one of the better Breakout games out, to one of the best Breakout styled games ever made..."
"Magic Ball is an imaginative take on the well-known breakout game. It improves on the original, largely due to its pleasing, 3D, graphical presentation. Magic Ball is the most addictive and fun breakout games we've seen recently."
"This is such an excellent game. I am the first in line for Magic Ball 2.0. Whoever made it - they've got a winner."
Carol Waffle
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