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Cribbage Champion - 10% OFF

Only $17.95
Publisher: Fun For All Software
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
License: 7-day trial, free to try
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File Size: 3.3 MB Download
Download time: 56K: 8m 2s 64K: 7m 2s 128K: 3m 31s 768K: 35s
Cribbage players who want to play online should look into this program. Cribbage Champion lets you go online to join a game or to seek players for a game you're hosting. The graphics and animation are very non-intrusive. You can pick the deck image and background music. You can also choose among several game speeds and difficulty levels.

The program offers several game variations that vary by the number of wins required to get a trophy, by where the crib goes, and by the odds of computer miscount. Cribbage lovers will appreciate the extensive statistics. Beginners can refer to the rules and tutorial, although those function mainly to estimate the odds of winning.

Cribbage players of all levels, especially those who find it hard to get a game together offline, will find this program both challenging and entertaining.
"The best thing about Cribbage Champion is community around the game."
Mike, lifelong cribbage fanatic
"Unfortunately, there aren't many games for folks who like cribbage. Cribbage Champion is probably the best one available."
Cards Online, Editor's Pick
"The statistics feature is absolutely fabulous. I've never seen it done as good as you guys did it."
Patukh Mnamar
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