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Publisher: Anarchy Enterprises
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Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
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Ant War is not your serious tycoon game. It takes on a humorous look at how fast ants always seem to multiple and feel like they are taking over. There is no tutorial, but the game is easily learned, which makes it a great choice for younger strategy/tycoon fans.

This of course doesn't mean that adults won't enjoy it! I sure did. An addictive game that will have you striving for just 10,000 more ants to get to the next level. Before you know it, it'll be midnight and your ants will only just be starting to take over the world.

  • 5 different ants each with different personalities and skills: Leafcutter, Carpenter, Weaver, Harvester or Fire ants!
  • 18 locations each with different attributes to build your nest! Get protected from the weather by staying indoors at the bakery or find picnics at the park!
  • Thousands of random events! No two days are the same! Avoid nasty weather like thunderstorms and blizzards, or raid the kitchen and find Mr. Suburbias dinner!
  • Go shopping at the ant store and buy special items to super charge your colony!
  • Battle over 60 enemies throughout the town! Scorpions and ladybugs, frogs and crows, termite and wasp armies, and the dreaded exterminator are all out to get you!
  • Grow your colony to gigantic proportions and cause a town panic! Have your ants featured on TV and make the mayor send in the SWAT team!
  • Dozens of game characters! Buster the playground bully uses his magnifying glass to cook your ants, while Grandpa Ant will give you some wisdom on how to survive!
"You're the leader of a tiny colony of ants, with a very simple victory condition: Grow your colony from humble origins to a grand total of one billion ants. AntWar won't be easy, as your colony will be beset by rival ants, other insects, and a variety of enemies who will either kill your ants, destroy parts of your colony, or destroy your food stocks."
"Despite its lack of 3D graphics, this addictive breeding game held our attention for the full hour of the demo. AntWar's gameplay is quite simple, and you won't even need to read the enclosed help file. You run an anthill in an attempt to make a billion ants. Short instructions at the beginning explain the tasks your ants must perform. Random events (among them, the attack of a small girl, Lenny) and battles will force you to reallocate resources. It's not complicated. Thanks to the clean interface, in half an hour you'll be concentrating on strategy rather than searching for the right button."
Download.Com, 4/5 Stars
"AntWar is a challenging sim/strategy game that you can pick-up and start playing in just five minutes. You start a brand new ant colony in the town of Spring Valley and follow one simple rule grow! Keep growing more and more ants until finally you rule the entire town!"
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