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Publisher: ZY Computing, Inc.
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Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
License: Shareware, free to try
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123 LogAnalyzer is one of the fastest, most powerful and detailed solutions for seeing who your site visitors are, where they come from, where they go, and more. 123 LogAnalyzer can analyze a website log file at 1GB per minute (94,000 lines per second). On an 800Mhz PIII computer running Windows 2000, it can analyze a 625MB log file in only 37 seconds, which very well may be a world record. The program runs under Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris platforms. It can either run on client PCs or on servers.

123 LogAnalyzer features:
  • Statistics about web server activity. This report displays the number of visitors, the number of unique IPs, the amount of bandwidth used, and the number of hits the site received, broken down by Time Increment, Day of the Week, and Hour of the Day.
  • Statistics about the type of data visitors access on your site. This report shows web pages viewed, files downloaded, directories that were accessed, and images that were accessed during the time period entered. This is broken down by Page Views, Browsing Sequences, Downloaded Files, Accessed Directories, and Accessed Images.
  • Statistics about search engine performance. This report displays the search engines which referred visitors to the site, the phrases visitors searched for, and the keywords visitors searched for broken down by Top Search Engines, Keywords, and Each Search Engine.
  • Statistics about visitors' geographic region. This report displays a Most Active Countries graph and, a table showing which Countries your visitors come from.
  • Advanced filters, such as visitors who accessed specific pages or files, visitors who came from specific referring URL, visitors whose first visit is a specific page, visitors who make purchases on your web site.
  • For example, not only can you see how many visitors visited the "BuyNow" page, but you can also see how the same people then viewed other pages on your web site, what their browsing sequence was, how many files they downloaded, where they came from, and what search keywords they used to get to your web site.
"To produce a quarterly report with another software we used took me 15 hours (5 hrs per month). I had to edit some of the labels so that the statistics would be understood by all, take the summary into a spreadsheet and create easier to read graphs there. Hours and hours of work that produced a lot less usable information. To be very brief about it, 123 LogAnalyzer produces much more comprehensive reports in seconds, puts the information into a well organized format, has a very simple interface, has built in features that make sense. I just did an Intranet report for the entire year 2002 (daily logs) in 40 seconds!"
Marianne H, Web Editor/Designer
"123 LogAnalzyer is perfect for at-home enthusiasts or small organizations looking for quick, simple views of the activity on their sites. 123 LogAnalyzer is easy to use and even easier to set up and run. Installation requires nothing more than double-clicking on the setup icon. The only set-up option is the location of the application. After the installer completes, you are ready to begin crunching logs. You do this through the program's simple interface--a handful of action buttons that require no real technical knowledge."
PC Magazine
"123 LogAnalyzer is a fast and detailed solution for seeing who your site visitors are, where they come from, where they go, and more... The program is very simple to use. and offers detailed tables and charts produced in an easy to understand report with graphical charts. 123 LogAnalyzer works with all popular web server logs, including IIS extended format."
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